The GenCounsel Advantage

GenCounsel™ is an innovative business services platform providing value to clients and seasoned “in-house” professionals. GenCounsel enables experienced legal executives to provide strategic and tactical advantages to businesses under a managed cost model.  On a typically fixed monthly fee basis, GenCounsel can provide the appropriate level of  experienced in-house  legal support  across the spectrum of organizations, from those small to mid-sized organizations with no legal counsel department or one that  is constantly overburdened, up to larger companies with a legal department that needs and desires additional experience on a long term or project basis.

Value to Clients

Our GenCounsel attorney is that rare combination of a blue stellar puzzle piecessuper talented business executive wrapped in an extraordinary legal mind.  Our GenCounsel attorney provides our company with strategic counsel spanning our entire business needs – capital funding, technology licensing, business partnerships, human capital, and strategic direction.”                             

- Brad W. Blumberg   CEO, Smarter Agent

The GenCounsel Team

older Man smiling with computerOur team consists of experienced highly seasoned professionals that span numerous industry backgrounds. Our members have the skill sets and experience to manage a company’s comprehensive legal operations which continually involve commercial, intellectual property, employment, regulatory, governance and litigation matters.     Team Bios